Cheveux gras : 8 erreurs à ne plus commettre

Oily hair: 8 mistakes not to make anymore

Welcome to the greasy hair team!

As we are super nice, we give you some tips to prevent the hair from getting greasy too quickly! 👇🧴

1 - Use 2 different brushes 

For hair that tends to get greasy quickly, we recommend using two brushes. One for clean hair, the other when it starts to get dirty. Indeed, the sebum remains on the bristles of your brush and greases your hair. To prevent the hair from getting greasy too quickly, having 2 brushes reduces the amount of sebum on the hair.

2 - Change your pillowcase regularly

Here we encounter the same problem as the hairbrush. Indeed, the pillowcase also retains the sebum that is on the hair roots. So, turn your cushion regularly and change your pillowcase often.

3 - Go for in-salon treatments or products suitable for oily hair

There are several in-salon treatments that allow you to space out shampoos as much as possible and minimize the appearance of sebum on the scalp. At OMA & ME we have a whole purifying range with clay dedicated to hair that tends to be greasy and dry on the ends. This range is the perfect ally to soften the ends, rebalance the scalp and space out your shampoos over time.

4 - Reduce styling products

As with products with silicone, styling products weigh down the hair. So avoid them as much as possible.

5 - Hair rinsing

When you have oily hair, special care must be taken when rinsing. Indeed, if you rinse poorly, there is a risk of shampoo remaining and greasing the hair. 

6 - Avoid products with silicone

Silicone tends to weigh hair down considerably. Go for products without silicone and without added components. 

7 - Avoid drying too hot

Heat stimulates the production of sebum. Prefer drying with lukewarm or even cold air to bring more shine to the hair and reduce the creation of sebum. 

8 - Avoid rinsing with hot water

The heat opens the scales of the hair and attacks it. Always continue to opt for lukewarm or cold water which will restore shine to your hair.
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