Qu’est-ce que la Bentonite ?

What is Bentonite?


What is Bentonite?

Bentonite is a very versatile clay that has many uses in the healthcare industry. It has remarkable chemical properties, which allow it to absorb and eliminate toxins, heavy metals, impurities and dirt. This makes it an essential cleanser and detoxifier for the skin and scalp.

What are the benefits of Bentonite?

Using bentonite clay on the hair and scalp is a wonderful way to restore hair balance. This mineral absorbs excess sebum stuck in the scalp to solve oily hair problems.

In addition, the soothing properties of this clay help cleanse the scalp and soothe irritation. Drawing out toxins, dirt and impurities, bentonite clay thickens strands for healthy, long-lasting growth.

Bentonite clay can also nourish the scalp with minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and zinc, which help balance pH levels and protect against infection. Finally, this clay is known to make hair easier to comb, light and silky.

For which hair use?

Bentonite can be used as a mild shampoo to soothe itchy or flaky skin, providing an immediate solution to dry scalp and improving overall scalp health with its antifungal and antibacterial properties.

In addition, bentonite is found in hair masks to absorb excess sebum and soothe irritated scalp.

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