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What is Vegetable Glycerin?



Vegetable glycerin is used in the composition of many hair products since it is used as a moisturizing and humectant agent. Along with other ingredients, it helps retain water on the skin or hair. Indeed, it allows to seal the hydration of the hair.

There are other types of glycerin such as animal or synthetic glycerin.

What are its benefits ?

The main benefit of vegetable glycerin is that it deeply hydrates the hair and therefore protects it from external aggressions. This ingredient also has many other benefits. Indeed, glycerin is effective in nourishing, moisturizing and thereby repairing damaged hair. In addition, it relieves itchy scalp and can eliminate dandruff. In addition, this glycerin can bring shine and luster to well-hydrated hair and facilitate styling.

Finally, for curly or frizzy hair, it is an ideal ingredient to redefine your curls and reduce frizz.

Thus, vegetable glycerin promotes healthy hair growth and cell renewal.

For what cosmetic use?

Vegetable glycerin is found in several hair products such as shampoos, masks, moisturizing sprays or products specially designed for curly or frizzy hair.

What are its precautions for use?

Too much or used alone, vegetable glycerin can dry out your hair instead of hydrating it.

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