Qu’est-ce que le Panthenol ?

What is Panthenol?


What is Panthenol?

Panthenol is a vitamin, better known as vitamin B5. It is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products due to its ability to help keep skin healthy and hydrated. It can work wonders when added to shampoos and conditioners, hydrating the scalp and strengthening hair fibers.

What are the benefits of Panthenol?

There are many significant benefits to using panthenol on the hair. Because it is a form of vitamin B5, panthenol provides vital moisture to the scalp and follicles. This can help maintain healthy strands, as well as reduce breakage and split ends.

Another benefit of this nutrient is that it helps protect hair from sun damage, helping to keep color treatments looking vibrant longer. Plus, panthenol creates a protective shield on the shaft of each strand of hair, allowing it to retain more nutrients while increasing shine and softness.

Panthenol, for what hair use?

Used as an active ingredient in many shampoos and conditioners, panthenol helps strengthen the hair shaft, improve elasticity and even reduce frizz, resulting in healthier looking hair. It also helps replenish scalp moisture that is lost when cleansing with harsh shampoos. In addition, it has protective effects against UV rays and increases the shine and body of the hair.

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