5 astuces pour boucler ses cheveux sans chaleur ✨

5 tips to curl your hair without heat ✨

💡 As we know, heat devices seriously damage our hair in the long term. Here are some tips to avoid having to go through the heat and curl your hair without damaging it!


Before all the devices were invented, we curled the hair by making braids. For an optimal result, I advise you to do the braids on wet hair and just before going to bed. When you wake up, detangle your hair simply with your fingers. Especially not with a brush.

For looser curls, just two braids on each side of the head. And for a nice natural wavy, the ear braid on the whole hair is perfect.

The headband

The headband has been very trendy for a few years, especially in summer, because you can reproduce pretty bohemian hairstyles. But it also allows you to give a wavy look to your hair. Still on wet hair, wrap your hair around the headband, section by section, starting at the front of the head. The more you tighten the locks around the headband, the more the curls will be structured. Leave on for a while and then the glamorous waves without heat are yours!

Hair plopping 

You may know this technique as "plunking". To make it, you will need a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. Head forward, dry your hair with either. Then, lay the fabric flat and place your hair in the middle. Fold the fabric all around your head and leave for a few hours so that the hair dries. 

The macaroons

For naturally curly hair, the “macaroon type” hairstyle is a really effective alternative to heat.

Roll up your hair by forming 2 small circles on your head then leave to attach for a few minutes. Finally, unroll the hair to discover beautiful waves. 


To achieve this technique, wet your hair beforehand. You will need to cut 4 socks the length of your hair. Next, separate your hair into 4 parts. Attach the first sock to the top of your skull using a clip. Then separate the section of hair into two parts. Wrap each of them on the sock, so that they cross each other. Repeat for the remaining three chunky strands and let air dry.

Thanks for reading 💌 

See you soon !

Angie from Team OMA&ME 🌾

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