8 choses que vous ne DEVEZ PAS FAIRE lorsque vous lissez vos cheveux !

8 things you MUST NOT do when straightening your hair!

As you probably know, heat and hair don't mix. To preserve your hair as much as possible and limit the undesirable effects caused by your straightener (breakage and dryness), we present to you the 8 mistakes not to make when straightening your hair !

The rule is simple: the less you straighten your hair, the less you will damage it . We strongly recommend that you use your straightener no more than 2-4 times per week , depending on your hair type.

Here is our indicator:

  • twice a week for fine hair
  • 3 times a week for normal hair
  • 4 times a week for thick hair

You can also opt for the "wrap" technique, which consists of keeping her hair wrapped around her head overnight, keeping her hair slicked down with flat clips, then covering everything with a net. When you wake up, the hair will be smooth, without heat!

Keep in mind the following: increasing the temperature of your straightener will not make it more effective !

The ideal temperature to straighten the hair without damaging it is 180°C .

  • If the temperature is lower : the iron will not be hot enough, the reflex will therefore be to iron several times on the same strand, which will cause dehydration of the hair.
  • If the temperature is higher : the heat will damage the hair by breaking it, drying it out and making it dull!

In addition to protecting the hair from heat, thermo-protective products facilitate styling and leave the hair supple, soft and shiny.

And depending on the nature of her hair, some of these treatments can also make frizz disappear for a smooth and flawless result.

The more time you spend straightening your hair, the more heat it will come into contact with and (you guessed it) the more fragile it will be.

Our advice: if your wick is not smooth the first time, it is because it is too thick. In this case, separate it into several different strands.

Before straightening your hair, it must be prepared! To do this, brush your hair upstream or use detangling products, which will allow the iron to glide better over your hair and thus avoid pulling and breaking it.

For curly hair that is difficult to brush or comb, we recommend applying moisturizers or conditioners before using the straightener.

It is quite normal to have a small budget, however pay attention to the quality of your devices. Nothing is worse for your hair than a poor quality straightener.

Therefore, we advise you to give priority to:

  • Ceramics : for your fine hair, ceramic allows you to obtain softer and shinier hair.
  • Tourmaline : It offers a very good quality of long-lasting smoothing, it eliminates frizz and it is ideal for weakened or colored hair.
  • Titanium: This material is very light and offers perfect and long-lasting straightening, but is not at all suitable for hair sensitized by coloring or bleaching.

Do you know the right things to do to straighten your hair without damaging it? Here they are !

  • Start your smoothing at the neck and gradually move up towards the face.
  • Place your device about 1 or 2 cm from the scalp, to avoid burning yourself. Hold your wick in place then pull it gently outwards, then close your straightener, positioning the bottom plate first, then the top one afterwards!
  • Adopt fluid gestures: don't stay frozen in one place for too long, but be careful not to go too fast either!

Few of you do, but it is essential to clean your devices well after use. After your straightening (and if you have followed our advice correctly!), residues of heat-protective or care products can be deposited on the surface of the heating plates.

To prevent these residues from accumulating in your hair during future straightenings, clean your appliance with a soft cloth and warm water!

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