What you need to know about Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant, which grows in a hot, even desert environment. Very pretty in interior decoration, this plant can be found in your drinks as well as in your cosmetic products! And for good reason, Aloe Vera has been known since Antiquity for its benefits, especially on the hair.

Today, we explain to you the powers that this plant gives to your hair, and this on any type of hair!

Benefits of Aloe Vera for hair

The magic of Aloe Vera is in its gel, that is to say the pulp contained in the green parts, as well as in its juice, which are used in cosmetics. Here are 4 of their virtues:


Your hair needs daily hydration. For this, Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy! The plant moisturizes your hair by preventing dryness from setting in, and repairs your damaged lengths. Flexibility and shine will then be there!


A plant that strengthens the hair? Well, yeah ! Aloe Vera repairs dead cells on the scalp. Your hair will then be toned and less likely to break.

Purifying and sanitizing

Do you have dandruff? If so, here is a solution to fight them! Aloe Vera contributes to the reduction of dandruff by acting on the scalp to rebalance and purify it gently. By cleansing your hair in depth, Aloe Vera offers a softer and healthier finish to the hair.


It is quite possible to have an itchy scalp, in which case Aloe Vera is your best friend. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, the plant soothes irritations, while promoting the reconstruction and healing of your epidermis at the same time.

For what types of hair?

The properties of Aloe Vera adapt to all hair fibers, which allows any type of hair to use it.

For your dehydrated, brittle, dry or damaged hair

If your hair is dry, dull, brittle, rough and electric-prone, it's because it's dehydrated. In this case, the use of suitable and appropriate care for your hair is recommended, especially those based on Aloe Vera! The leaves of Aloe Vera are composed of 98% water, by applying masks with Aloe Vera on the lengths and ends, you will provide the necessary hydration and thus avoid split ends. Your hair will only be more nourished.

For your highlighted or colored hair

You have just made you pretty locks or a new color, but you are afraid of fading the color of your hair after washing? The only answer to this problem, you would suspect, lies in Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera-based shampoos will protect your color and will also prolong the coloring.

For your hair that has been straightened

You couldn't wait to straighten your hair, and it's done! But you wonder how to maintain this smoothness after the shampoo? In this case, make your choice on shampoos with Aloe Vera. They will help you maintain your straight hair and prolong their hold. In fact, to keep your hair smooth, it is important to moisturize it regularly, which will protect it from humidity.

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