Cheveux abîmés : comment les réparer ?

Damaged hair: how to repair it?

By dint of using heated appliances (straighteners, hair dryers, curlers, etc.) or because of your too frequent (de)colouring , your hair has been damaged and has become dull and brittle.

What are the solutions to fix them? Discover our tips and tricks!

In general, damaged hair is brittle and difficult to style . Subject to frizz , split ends , or even the " straw " appearance in the case of blond hair, they are also very fragile .

Even if they grow back, damaged hair will tend to break at the lengths , which will make the hair unbalanced with different lengths.

The hair is made up of 95% Keratin , a natural protein made up of amino acids that help protect the hair. However, this Keratin is not renewed and is exhausted over time and external aggressions (pollution, drying, coloring, brushing, etc.).

This is why, to bring vitality and to repair the hair, Keratin treatments are strongly recommended.

Your resolution of the year: save your damaged hair! To do this, follow our guide!


Your hair, out of breath due to external aggressions (those mentioned above), is particularly fragile and needs rest .

It's time to reduce the heavy use of your heated appliances and return to your natural color, time to repair your hair. Your hair will thank you!


To repair your damaged hair, you have to start from "zero" (without shaving your head, of course!). Simply go to your hairdresser and ask him to cut a few inches of hair following your lengths, which will allow you to get rid of a large part of damaged hair.


Your damaged hair is malnourished , so it will need nourishing and repairing care. In particular, we recommend hair masks, to be applied 2 to 3 times a week for a period of approximately 1 month.

The masks are applied after shampooing, section by section, to nourish the entire hair. After a pose of about ten minutes, rinsing with cold water is recommended.

Also opt for nourishing leave-in treatments, which will further repair the hair.


Once the hair has been treated, it is important to adopt the right hair routine adapted to your needs, so as not to damage it further.

  • If your hair is oily , it will need purifying care;
  • If they are dehydrated , they will need moisturizing care;
  • And if they are dry , they will need more nourishing care.

STEP 5: Pamper yourself!

Although your hair is repaired, there is no question of reproducing its past mistakes: when drying, if it is done with a hair dryer, the application of a thermo-protective product is strongly recommended. The hair dryer should be 30 cm from the hair and preferably in "cold" mode. Also avoid using your curler or straightener daily.

As for your colorings, it is preferable to prepare the hair beforehand. Perform moisturizing and nourishing treatments to allow your hair to react better and accommodate the color. Also, take care of your hair for as long as the color lasts.

We hope these tips help you fix your hair!

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