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Curly hair: Why a keratin treatment?


If you have curly hair, you know it takes extra effort to stay beautiful and healthy. This type of hair often lacks moisture and is generally difficult to style. So you've probably tried different products to solve these problems without ever finding the ideal hair care product. Find out in this article why a keratin hair treatment can be perfect for your curly hair.

What are the needs of curly hair?

Curly hair , like frizzy or frizzy hair, tends to dry out faster than straight hair. Indeed, because of the undulations of your hair, it is more difficult for the sebum to flow to the ends. Sebum, this natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands present in particular on your scalp, moisturizes your hair and offers it protection against external aggressions. Thus, when this oil cannot flow normally, your hair is damaged more easily. Your hair is then dry, brittle and you have a lot of frizz. In addition, your scalp may become oily quickly since the sebum gets stuck there.

We can thus say that the keratin which essentially composes your hair is damaged. Especially since the keratin scales rise to form the movement of your curls, which further weakens your hair.

Thus, your curly hair has a higher need for hydration and nutrition than straight hair.

  • Curly or frizzy hair is drier and more easily damaged than straight hair. This is why they have a greater need for hydration and nutrients.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a protein found in the outer layers of skin, hair and nails. It is made up of different types of fibrous proteins that resist damage and provide structural support to the cells that contain them. Keratin provides strength and resilience to body tissues, helping to protect them from damage caused by environmental factors such as sunlight and chemical particles.

Proper maintenance of hair, nails and skin involves maintaining high levels of keratin in order to preserve the normal appearance of these elements as well as their overall functioning. Also, some products like hot wax treatments use keratin to smooth out wrinkles or frizzy hair, restoring firmness and smoothness to the affected area.

  • Keratin is the protein that makes up most of the hair. The latter gives strength and resistance to your hair to protect it from external aggressions.

Keratin curly hair care

Why a keratin treatment?

Curly hair keratin is naturally weakened as the scales of the hair lift to form waves and curls. But it also happens that the keratin is damaged by external aggressions or by the repeated use of heated styling accessories such as straighteners or curlers. In addition, the use of chemicals such as bleaching or coloring can in the same way damage the keratin. Finally, over time, our body produces less and less keratin. We can then observe a weakened and fragile hair.

  • A keratin hair treatment compensates for the drop in keratin production in addition to repairing and strengthening the hair cuticle.

Why use keratin for curly hair?

Using keratin to tame and manage curly hair has become increasingly popular in recent years. Keratin is a natural protein that can help strengthen, smooth and defrizz hair. It also helps to reduce volume and reduce styling time. Also, when applied correctly, keratin does not harm your scalp or your hair.

Repair natural keratin

Applying a keratin treatment directly to your hair helps replenish this vital, naturally occurring protein. It strengthens and glues the scales of the hair to strengthen your hair . Using a keratin mask restores the hair fiber and deeply nourishes the hair.

Keratin curly hair care

Protect your hair

Thus, your curly hair lacks protection. They are therefore more sensitive to external aggressions and weaken more quickly. A keratin hair treatment allows you to strengthen the latter which can then resume its role of protection against external aggressions : friction from clothing, sun, wind, cold or sea water for example. The keratin then forms an outer protective barrier over your hair cuticle. In addition, it consolidates the structure of the hair and will fill the lack of keratin to rebuild and repair your hair.

  • Thus, a keratin treatment strengthens your hair and serves as a protective film to protect it from external aggressions and environmental factors.

Tame your hair

Curly hair is often difficult to tame and style, especially when it is dry and damaged. Keratin moisturizes your hair and smoothes the first layer of the hair. The hair is then sheathed and protected. This will prevent the appearance of frizz or knots that make styling difficult. Keratin provides strength, elasticity and flexibility to your hair. Thus, it will be easier for you to detangle your hair and perform all the hairstyles you want, and that, without frizz!

  • Thus, for your curly hair, keratin hair care is used to repair damaged keratin, to protect your hair from external aggressions, but also to tame the frizz that may appear. Keratin improves the general appearance of your hair and you will find shiny, soft and reinforced hair.
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