Les bienfaits du beurre de karité pour les cheveux crépus ?

The benefits of shea butter for frizzy hair?


Your frizzy hair lacks moisture or is out of control? Are you looking for a natural solution to keep your hair hydrated and under control? Shea butter could be the answer to your problem. In this blog post, we'll explore all the benefits of using shea butter on your hair, whether used alone or added to shea butter hair care products. You can be sure to get the most out of it!

What are the characteristics of frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is characterized by an abundance of small curls or creases which can sometimes be unruly and difficult to manage. Frizzy hair is very dense and very thick, which gives hair with a lot of volume. In addition, this hair grows differently, rather lying horizontally than along the skull.

What are the needs of frizzy hair?

Generally, if you have frizzy hair, your scalp is likely to be very dry . Indeed, it produces very little sebum. This oil, naturally produced by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, moisturizes your hair, but also protects it from external aggressions. In addition, because of the shape of the hair, the sebum has a lot of trouble flowing to the tip. Thus, without this sebum, your hair can be brittle and weakened. Your hair is therefore dry and lacks moisture and nutrients.

This is why it is important to provide the hydration and nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of your hair thanks to hair care adapted to this type, and enriched with shea butter.

Shea butter frizzy hair care

What is shea butter?

Shea butter is a vegetable fat from the nuts of the shea tree in Africa. Used for centuries to protect, nourish and moisturize skin and hair, it remains popular today due to its high concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids. Rich in antioxidants and in oleic, stearic and linolenic acids, shea butter is known to contribute to the renewal of skin cells, to the fight against skin dryness, while reducing inflammation. Its versatility means it can also be used to condition hair and improve scalp health.

Thanks to its rich composition of vitamins A and E, it is an excellent moisturizer that helps protect your hair from harmful elements such as the sun, bad weather, heat and cold.

Thanks to its uniform texture, creamy color and soft feel, it has become increasingly popular as an ingredient for body products such as soaps, lotions and shampoos.

Why shea butter for frizzy hair?

Shea butter is therefore rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. But why is it particularly advisable to use it on frizzy hair?

Hydrate frizzy hair

Shea butter is known to be a natural skin moisturizer . But this vegetable butter, rich in fatty acids, also helps to hydrate the hair fiber in depth. In addition, it increases water retention and thus fights against skin and hair dryness. Your scalp is then hydrated just like the rest of your hair.

Protect frizzy hair

Because of the sebum that does not flow properly along the hair, the latter is not protected against external aggressions. Applying shea butter to your hair helps to strengthen the hydration of the hair and thus create a protective barrier against environmental factors such as the sun, wind, cold or sea water. In addition, thanks to its natural antioxidant properties, shea butter can protect your scalp and hair from the damaging effects of high heat styling.

Facilitate healthy hair growth

Rich in vitamin E, shea butter improves blood circulation in the scalp, which stimulates the production of sebum to fight against the dryness from which your hair suffers. In addition, the vitamin A present in shea butter makes your hair softer and shinier. While Vitamin D promotes healthy hair growth and renewal to combat hair loss.

Shea butter frizzy hair care

How to keep frizzy hair moisturized?

When your hair is sufficiently hydrated, it is important to keep this hydration. Here are our tips.

Use shea butter hair care

Although you can use pure shea butter on your hair, you can also opt for shea butter hair products to use this natural active ingredient on a daily basis. Present in shea butter masks or in shea shampoos, this ingredient helps you to simply moisturize and protect your hair.

Limit washes

For this, it is first important not to wash your hair too often at the risk of drying it out. Since your scalp is particularly dry and does not produce a lot of sebum, you can space out the washes . One shampoo a week can be enough to keep frizzy, clean, yet hydrated hair .

Change your drying habits

Too aggressive drying can weaken and break your hair. It also takes away the hydration provided by the shea butter. Thus, when possible, it is recommended to let your hair air dry so that it takes its natural shape without being attacked by the friction of the towel.

If this is not possible or to save time, you can opt for a microfiber hair towel . This type of towel is softer and smoother than a classic towel so as not to damage the hair. It is renowned for cutting drying time in half, thanks to its high absorption capacity. The microfiber hair towel even facilitates the application of care, and in particular care with shea butter.

Reduce the use of heated appliances

The use of heat, such as with a hair dryer or a straightener, for example, can weaken the hair fiber of your unprotected hair. Thus, it is advisable to limit the use of its heating devices, but also chemical treatments in order to keep hair hydrated and healthy.

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