Dry hair and dehydrated hair: what's the difference?

It is important to know how to define your hair type to adopt the most suitable care. For some, this task is difficult, but we are here to guide you!

Here is the difference between dry hair and dehydrated hair.


The hair Dry and dehydrated hair look much the same , but differ on the following points:


Just like your skin, your hair has specific needs.

Hair is dry when it does not produce enough sebum to moisturize the hair.

What are their needs ?

Hair is dehydrated when it lacks water . This lack comes following a particular action, causing the drying of the hair (the use of heating devices, the wind, a long exposure to the sun, etc.). It is a generally temporary phenomenon that can affect all types of hair . Your hair may therefore be oily but dehydrated due to intensive use of the straightener, for example.

What are their needs ?


  • "What to do for my dry hair?"

To soften your hair, we advise you to frequently bathe in oil (preferably to apply all night) and to favor greasy products, which are therefore very nutritious . Prefer products based on Shea Butter, avocado or vegetable oils .

  • "My hair is dehydrated, how do I fix it?"

For very heavy users of heated appliances, we recommend moisturizing products and treatments with Aloe Vera , which, thanks to the amino acids and nutrients it naturally contains, will deeply hydrate the hair (but also the skin!). Also opt for leave-in treatments to apply to your hair at any time of the day!

  • "I have dry and dehydrated hair, what is the solution?"

For you, you will need a complete hair routine! A good balance between rich and moisturizing care will be ideal to repair your dry and dehydrated hair. Prefer oily and nutritious shampoos and masks , without forgetting to carry out care without rinsing and oil baths .

We hope this article has helped you! 😉

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