How to have beautiful hair?

Many of you ask us for advice on how to have beautiful hair! It is with pleasure that we present you some tips and advice for a dream hair.

Advice n°1 - Prefer treatments to heating devices.

Nothing is now simpler than using heated appliances to dry, straighten or curl your hair. However, be careful not to overdo it! Admittedly, these devices make the hair dry very quickly by removing excess moisture, but they can also damage and break the hair when used too intensively.

Prefer oils, masks and serums (which are used only on the ends and length) which sublimate the hair and give it a shiny and supple appearance. Hair day creams are also to be preferred: they will fight against frizz but can also protect the hair from heat.

Tip n°2 - Don't neglect the exposure time of the treatments

You have the impression that despite the care you apply to your hair, the expected effects are not present. The reason can be found in the exposure time of the treatment. We recommend leaving each treatment (oil and mask) on for at least 10 minutes. Of course, this time can be extended according to your possibilities, you can leave your products on your hair overnight. The main thing is to allow your care products to penetrate well into the hair and to rinse afterwards, preferably with lukewarm water.

Tip #3 - Apply the right amount of products to your hair

Our third tip concerns the amount of products to apply to the hair. The treatments are ideal for nourishing and revitalizing the hair according to its needs. However, care should not be abused or applied in too large quantities. The effect will only be reversed and your hair will feel weighed down, dull and smothered under the care.

We therefore recommend applying two or three drops of oil to your hands before applying them to your hair; for the shampoo, the quantity will be equivalent to a small strawberry; the amount of mask and hair cream will be equal to the size of a hazelnut and finally, the serum will only be applied in small quantities as well, that is to say two to three drops.

Tip #4 - Protect yourself from the sun!
We are all dying to find the sun and the moral, unfortunately, the sun is just as bad for the skin as for the hair if you are too exposed to it. At too high a dose, the sun weakens the scalp by drying it out, causing hair to break and fall out more easily.
To prevent your hair from further damage, we advise you to apply protective hair care to your hair, which will protect you from the sun's rays, just as we advise you to apply sunscreen to your skin.

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