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How to get straight hair easily?


Having straight hair can be a real challenge! Whether it's the time spent styling it each day or making sure you have the right products and tools, it takes a lot of effort to have perfectly straight hair. But don't worry: having straight hair easily, without wasting too much time or spending too much money, is not only possible, but above all, it is completely within reach! Discover in this article how to have straight hair easily!

Straightening techniques at home

It is possible to obtain a perfect smoothing at home, without going through a hairdresser in a professional salon. To save time and lower the associated costs, many homemade straightening techniques exist. But then, how to have straight hair at home?

With a straightener

Straightening your hair with a straightener can help eliminate frizz and flyaways, achieve incredible shine, and create a soft, structured look.

It's a quick way to get straight hair, but it only lasts a few days. In addition, the heat used tends to damage the hair and damage it in the long term when used too regularly.

Before using the straightener, brush your hair to remove knots and tangles. Then, apply a heat-protecting product to your braids so as not to damage them. Choose 180 degrees heat, not 210 degrees if you can. Lower heat will damage your hair less, but will straighten just as well.

For straightening, divide your hair into small sections and glide the iron through each, slowly. Make sure the flat iron is held parallel to the floor as you move it through each section of your hair.

  • Brush the hair to remove tangles, apply a heat protectant, choose 180° heat and divide the hair into sections to slowly straighten, keeping the flat iron parallel to the floor.

With a smoothing brush

The straightening brush is an alternative to the straightening iron. Easier and faster to use, it offers perfect straightening without damaging your hair. This smoothing brush looks like a classic brush, but has heated ceramic or tourmaline pins. This allows you to have smooth hair just by passing the brush through your hair, as you currently do to brush your hair. The grip is comfortable since you don't have to twist in all directions to straighten your hair.

Unlike traditional irons, the bristles of the straightening brush gently guide your strands as you run it through your hair, making it easier to style and dramatically reducing frizz and split ends.

All you have to do is divide your hair into sections and start brushing it from root to tip until you get the style you want. For added shine, finish with a serum or styling spray.

  • The straightening brush is an alternative to the traditional flat iron. It is easier and faster to use, and leaves your hair perfectly straight without damaging it.

woman straight hair straightener

With a hair dryer

Another option available to you for straightening your hair is to use a hair dryer. This technique requires a little practice to manage to handle the brush and the hair dryer at the same time.

How to get smooth hair with a hair dryer ? Start by washing your hair, then dry it with a microfiber towel until it is slightly damp. Divide damp hair into sections and lightly coat each section with spray to protect against heat damage. Next, use a round brush to pick up small sections of damp hair and hold them while you point the hair dryer nozzle down. Remember to apply light pressure when drying your strands with the brush, as too much pressure can damage or break them, and you don't want that! After going through all the sections of your hair, check if the remaining parts need to be straightened - if so, repeat the steps above until you are happy with the result.

  • Protect your hair before each use of the hair dryer with a heat-protective spray. To straighten your hair, use a round brush to hold your hair straight while you dry the chosen section.

With a kardoune or tights

Straightening your hair with pantyhose may seem strange, but it can be an effective and inexpensive way to get the smooth look you want. Surely you are wondering, how to have straight hair with pantyhose?

All you need is a pair of clean cotton or nylon pantyhose and a hair dryer. Start by winding wet hair in sections through the pantyhose legs, from root to tip, making sure it's secure, then pulling it towards your scalp as tightly as you can. To finish, blow dry each section with a hair dryer until completely dry. This will help set your style so it stays smooth and straight throughout the day. This unique method allows you to achieve beautiful hair without the harmful heat of styling tools.

  • To get straight, straight hair without using heat tools, wrap your wet hair in tight tights.

Professional smoothing techniques

Professional hair straightening in a salon is a multi-step process that begins with an in-depth consultation to assess the client's hair type, condition, and desired look. After determining the treatment needed, hairdressers use specialized tools such as flat irons and ionic dryers to smooth the cuticle of each strand of hair. Professional products are usually used to ensure that the heat from the tools will not further damage the hair. These products often contain ingredients such as keratin and moisturizing oils that help restore shine and bounce to damaged hair.

Many professional straightening techniques exist and can help you get straight hair easily:

  • Brazilian or Japanese smoothing: these techniques smooth the hair thanks to keratin hair care that smooths the hair fiber.
  • Hot oil smoothing , which nourishes the hair and smooths with heated vegetable oils
  • Steam straightening , which opens the scales of the hair and facilitates the penetration of straightening products, especially keratin products.
  • Straightening with a flat iron : the professional smooths each strand of hair mechanically using a hot plate.

Frequent conditioning treatments throughout straightening, as well as deep conditioning treatments at home, are important to keep newly styled hair healthy and looking its best for the long term.

Homemade smoothing masks

Homemade masks are a trick to gently smooth the hair without using harmful heat on your strands. Although these masks will not allow you to achieve perfect smoothing, they do help to smooth the cuticle , reduce frizz and stiffen the hair fiber. These masks will work best on slightly wavy or wavy hair. In addition, the moisturizing or nourishing properties of the natural ingredients are beneficial for your hair and promote healthy and long-lasting growth.

Woman hair towel how to have straight hair

honey and milk mask

The honey and milk mask is a popular remedy to achieve a smooth and soft hair texture while contributing to hair care. Honey is known for its protective properties which help reduce the damage caused by harsh chemical treatments. It also serves as a natural moisturizer that helps hair shine. Milk contains essential proteins that naturally help strengthen hair from root to tip.

The application of the mixture is simple: just mix honey with milk , adding strawberries for more benefits. It is imperative that you cover all of your hair so that the product penetrates deep into each shaft. Rinse out for fabulous results with less frizz and a beautiful finish thanks to the smoothing effect it offers; styling afterwards with a comb will be child's play!

  • A honey and milk mask is a popular remedy for achieving smooth and soft hair texture while helping to care for the hair. Honey serves as a natural moisturizer that helps hair shine. Milk contains essential proteins that help strengthen and straighten hair easily from root to tip.

The Coconut Mask

Rich in vitamins and minerals, this natural solution nourishes and hydrates hair strands while strengthening them from within. Applying a coconut mask to your strands before shampooing and drying will soften each one while deeply conditioning them when paired with essential oils.

To do this, mix fresh coconut with milk to obtain a homogeneous paste. Added starch previously boiled in water. Then apply the mixture to your roots and lengths. Cover the mask and leave on for half an hour before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

How to keep its straightening longer?

Once your hair is straight, another challenge is keeping it straight for several days. While professional treatments often make it possible to keep this smoothing for several months, home smoothing techniques must be repeated several times a week. Here are some tips to keep hair straight for as long as possible:

  • Avoid contact with water . It may seem logical, but water is your enemy if you want to keep your straightening for a long time. Protecting your hair from the rain, but also from the damp wind allows you to keep your hair smooth.
  • Avoid using styling products that contain alcohol . Indeed, alcohol will have a negative effect on smoothing and will cause the appearance of frizz in large numbers.
  • Protect your hair from rubbing against the pillow at night. Choose a pillowcase or a silk bonnet to reduce this friction. In addition, this fabric is softer and helps reduce breakage and retain your hair's natural moisture.
  • Use styling products for straight hair that are formulated to maintain straightness.
  • Do not brush them too often at the risk of quickly finding your true hair type.
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