Comment donner du volume aux cheveux sans les abîmer ?

How to give volume to the hair without damaging it?

Your hair is flat or thin and it is difficult to give it the desired volume... For now, know that there is no miracle cure to give volume to your hair permanently.

Don't despair though, because we have put together 5 tips for you to give volume to your hair without damaging it !

The longer your hair, the more mass it will have and the more it will fall. This is why it is strongly recommended to shorten your lengths to accentuate the volume of the hair .

Also opt for short cuts , favoring squares or mid-length cuts. Hairstyle levels, you can in particular make a double ponytail and add extensions in your lengths!

We strongly recommend hair care based on Keratin , a natural protein made up of amino acids that protect and structure the hair fiber. Keratin acts by forming a protective film around the hair, allowing it to be strengthened and sheathed by structuring it further.

Avoid formulas with silicone , which weigh down the hair and make the hair flat and without volume.

Finally, when the hair is (very) fine, we recommend that you do not use an overly nourishing serum or hair cream . These products simply risk weighing down the hair fiber and therefore accentuating the "flat hair" effect. A suitable styling mousse can on the other hand take off the roots, sheath and give material to the whole of the hair.

After rinsing your shampoo in lukewarm water, finish your shower with a jet of cold water on your hair. Guaranteed result! In this way, you will tighten the scales and reduce the static electricity of your hair. They will also be toned and shiny when you leave the bathroom!

The hair dryer is not your friend! The hot air it diffuses tends to flatten the volume and damage your hair.

We advise you towel dry your hair, head down, then let it air dry , massaging the scalp from time to time to loosen your roots and add volume.

Our last piece of advice lies in... Food, which plays a key role in our general health, and above all in the beauty of our hair !

It is therefore necessary to favor foods rich in iron, vitamins B and C, zinc and protein . Lentils, eggs, almonds and walnuts, seafood, salmon, wheat germ, bananas and kiwi are all foods that, eaten regularly, can boost the energy of the hair .


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