How to stop having greasy hair?

One thing is certain: We cannot fight oily hair 100%. However, we have the ability to slow down and limit the production of sebum on the scalp. Here are 8 tips to prevent hair from getting greasy quickly:

1 - Brush your hair yes, but not too much:

It is important to brush your hair morning and evening, in order to remove the dust accumulated in the hair, but also to distribute the sebum on the lengths, thus allowing the nutrition of the hair. However, this gesture stimulates the scalp, therefore the production of sebum. Therefore, do not abuse hair brushing!

2 - Stop touching your hair:

No matter why your hands are touching your hair, you should avoid this gesture! As with brushing, running your hands through your hair increases sebum production. In addition, hands are breeding grounds for bacteria. If your hands are dirty, they will make your hair greasy 2 times faster!

3 - Use dry shampoos in moderation:

Dry shampoo is a great invention, quick and effective and a good solution to hide oily hair. However be careful, at too high a dose, dry shampoo damages the scalp, which to defend itself, will produce more sebum!

4 - Rinse your hair well:

To properly rinse your hair, the water should not be too hot and it is important not to rinse your hair in a hurry. Make sure that each area of ​​the head is well rinsed, to prevent shampoo residue from remaining in the hair. These residues will only grease your hair more, instead of making it clean. To end a shower, a good jet of cold water in the hair is beneficial and will boost their shine!

5 - Space the washes:

When our hair gets greasy, we tend to wash it immediately. However, washing your hair too often damages the scalp, and as a result, sebum production will be aggravated! So try not to wash your hair every day and leave it greasy on weekends, for example.

6 - Beware of fatty foods:

Poor diet is definitely one of the reasons why your hair is greasy. As with the skin, eating too much oil will make your scalp oily. A healthy diet is therefore recommended!

7 - Use the appropriate products:

To slow down the regreasing effect, we recommend using special clay-based shampoos for oily hair, for example, which absorb excess sebum and therefore make it possible to space out shampoos.

8 - Choose silicone-free products:

In the short term, products containing silicone will indeed give your hair a silky and shiny effect. However, in the long term the silicone will suffocate the scalp and seriously damage it. Applying silicone products to your hair every day will only make it more greasy and dry.

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