How to take care of dry hair?

Your hair is dry simply because your scalp does not produce enough sebum to nourish and moisturize the hair.

Here are 5 tips (to be applied over several months !) to repair your dry hair.

1. Space out your shampoos

Shampooing daily weakens the scalp and promotes dryness of the hair.

So banish purifying shampoos and favor greasy and nutritious treatments . We advise you to wash your hair only once or twice a week and to rinse it with lukewarm or cold water.

When shampooing, focus only on your roots . Rinsing will then allow the product to descend on your lengths and thus clean them.


Coloring your hair repeatedly dries out and damages the hair. If you have dry hair, coloring will accentuate this effect.

If you cannot do without your colors, we advise you to space out your colorings over time. Regarding the type of coloring to do, we recommend temporary or semi-permanent dyes . Our last tip if you can't resist (dis)colouring: adopt a hair routine to limit the damage !


When the hair is dry, it is necessary to favor greasy and nutritious care, such as oils , creams or hair serums or products based on Shea butter or vegetable oils for example.

To soften your hair, we advise you to take oil baths and apply nutritious masks once or twice a week, without forgetting to carry out daily leave-in treatments .


Just like daily shampoos, heating devices weaken and dry out the hair . Once the hair is washed, favor drying in the open air . First wring out your hair gently and wrap it in an absorbent towel.

For those who cannot do without a hair dryer, we advise you to apply a thermo-protective product to your lengths before using the dryer in " cold air " mode, by spraying the air at 20 cm from the the hair .


The sun not only damages the skin, it also damages the hair ! On vacation or when you are about to expose yourself to the sun's rays, opt for protective sun care for your hair or the wearing of a headgear . Finally, apply nutritious leave-in care throughout the day.

We hope that our advice has been useful to you!

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