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How to use CBD oil on hair?

CBD oil is a natural remedy that has been shown to have many benefits for hair. It can help keep hair hydrated, promote hair growth and reduce frizz. It is therefore to soothe your scalp and allow it healthy growth that CBD oil is present in CBD hair products .
In this article, we are going to show you how to use CBD oil on hair to get the most out of its amazing benefits.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is the main molecule present in the hemp plant, a variety of cannabis. CBD oil is therefore extracted from the leaves and trichomes of this plant. Like THC, CBD is one of the so-called cannabinoid molecules. However, CBD does not produce the psychoactive properties attributed to THC.

This widespread confusion wrongly gives a negative image to products containing CBD. It is true that when extracting CBD, there can be a low level of THC that is difficult to filter out entirely. This rate is highly controlled within the European Union and should not exceed 0.2%. This low THC level will have no effect on your body.

CBD products are therefore legal and do not give any psychoactive effect.

CBD oil is known for its anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and sleep-enhancing properties. But this oil also has many benefits for the hair.

Woman applying CBD hair treatment

Why use CBD oil on hair?

CBD oil is rich in nutrients beneficial to healthy hair growth. Indeed, composed of fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9, it nourishes the hair fiber. In addition, CBD oil contains a large number of amino acids that stimulate the production of keratin, the protein that makes up 97% of your hair. For these reasons, CBD oil promotes hair growth.

But that's not all, CBD oil prevents breakage and fights hair dryness. Additionally, CBD oil can help reduce inflammation and counteract the effects of hair-damaging environmental factors, such as UV exposure and pollution.

  • CBD oil supports healthy growth, stimulates keratin production and supports healthy hair growth.

For what type of hair ?

It's simple, with its many benefits, CBD oil can be used on all hair types . If your hair is dry, especially curly or frizzy, CBD oil allows you to deeply nourish your strands and seal in moisture. If your hair is damaged and brittle, this oil repairs the hair fiber and prevents hair loss.

The oil will still be suitable for oily hair since it is light and does not grease the hair. We will still be careful not to weigh down the scalp and to apply it only on the lengths.

In addition, it is a very good way to soothe your scalp when it is irritated.

So, regardless of the nature of your hair, hair oil makes your hair shiny, strengthens your hair fiber and promotes healthy hair growth.

  • CBD oil is beneficial for all hair types.

CBD hair treatment

How to apply this oil on the hair?

    In oil bath

    CBD oil can be used on both dry and damp hair.
    On dry hair, use the oil in an oil bath or a CBD mask to leave on for at least 10 minutes before washing your hair. This allows the oil's fatty acids to penetrate the inner layers of the hair and stimulate keratin production.

    On wet hair, apply CBD oil to your ends to prevent split ends and breakage. After 30 minutes of exposure, rinse the excess and style your hair as usual.

    The amount of oil to use depends on your hair length and type. Dry, curly hair needs more oil to be deeply nourished.

    Be sure to choose a CBD oil specifically designed for the hair and not for the body. You can choose to apply it directly to your scalp, massaging gently. Place a few drops in your hand and rub to warm the oil. With your fingers, make small circles without attacking your skin. You can leave the oil on overnight before rinsing thoroughly and then washing your hair with a purifying shampoo to remove greasy residue.

    To prevent split ends, you can also apply CBD oil to wet or dry ends before washing.

    In addition to hair care

    You can also choose to incorporate your CBD oil into your hair care products. For this, add 2 to 3 drops of oil in your dab of shampoo before washing your hair or in your mask to leave on before rinsing.

    Thanks to CBD hair products

    For ease of use, many hair products based on CBD and hemp oil exist. CBD hair products are designed to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, providing essential nutrients that can promote hair growth.

    You can then opt for a CBD shampoo . The latter helps to soothe and purify your scalp and nourish them during washing. To nourish your ends, turn to a CBD mask to apply to damp hair for a few minutes before rinsing out with warm water. These CBD masks help strengthen the hair fiber of your lengths and prevent split ends for visibly healthier hair.

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