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How to maintain your curly hair?


Curly hair can require a lot of daily maintenance in order to get and keep beautiful curls. It may therefore take some time to find the best routine to take care of your curly hair.
Whether you were born with natural curls or are embracing them for the first time after transitioning from straight hair, maintaining curly hair can often feel daunting and difficult to master. In this article, we will tell you how to take good care of your curly hair .

What are the needs of curly hair?

Curly hair has a unique texture that sets it apart from other hair types. They can be soft and bouncy or tight and curly, depending on individual curl patterns. Its elasticity, roughness and susceptibility to frizz are all elements that help define the type of hair we call "curly". Due to its texture, curly hair is often more difficult to style.

  • Difficult to comb and lacking in hydration , curly hair needs special attention to have beautiful healthy hair and keep its curls for several days, even between two shampoos!

How to deeply moisturize your curly hair?

Curly hair, by its nature and its open scales, is sorely lacking in hydration. In order to maintain healthy hair and beautiful bouncy curls, it is important to moisturize your hair.

Apply a moisturizing mask regularly

Applying a moisturizing mask is a particularly important and effective way to keep curls soft and hydrated, as it penetrates deeper into the scalp than a daily care product alone. A regular moisturizing mask also helps keep curly hair healthy and full of bounce and shine by locking in needed moisture levels. Not only do these masks often contain highly nourishing ingredients, but they're also typically formulated with anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help strengthen hair follicles over time.

Investing in regular deep hydration treatments with a hydrating mask will not only improve the overall health and texture of your hair, but will also make it easier to style and revive its shine.

When choosing your moisturizing mask, look for ingredients with moisturizing properties like Aloe vera or shea butter. Always choose a mask specially designed for your hair type so as not to damage and break your curls.

  • Hydrate your curls once a week with a moisturizing shea butter mask to restore shine, suppleness and elasticity to your hair.

curly hair care maintenance

Use a moisturizing shampoo

Keeping curly hair hydrated is key to maintaining its healthy shape, and using a moisturizing shampoo is an easy way to do this. Moisturizing shampoos are specially designed to bring softness and shine to hair while fighting frizz and flattening curls. These shampoos contain nourishing ingredients, such as Aloe vera or shea butter , which provide maximum hydration directly to the hair shaft. With its deep cleansing action, it also provides a lightweight feel that gives hair volume, bounce and shine.

  • Opt for a moisturizing shampoo adapted to your scalp and hair type to complement the moisturizing care provided by the moisturizing mask.

Opt for moisturizing vegetable oils

Looking for an effective way to add moisture and shine to your curly hair? Try moisturizing vegetable oils! Loaded with vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids, these natural products help keep your scalp and follicles healthy while reducing split ends. Opting for a single oil or creating your own blend can be particularly beneficial for improving the health of your curls and the overall condition of your hair. Choose from the following oils :

  • Jojoba Oil : Similar in composition to the sebum naturally produced by your scalp, this oil hydrates hair without weighing down curls.
  • Castor Oil : This oil strengthens curly hair and helps protect it from damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Argan Oil : Rich in vitamins A and E, the oil hydrates and nourishes the hair to reduce the number of frizz and split ends.
  • Coconut oil : Thanks to the fatty acids it contains, coconut oil deeply hydrates the hair without weighing it down.

How to properly wash your curly hair?

Washing your curly hair can be tricky if you don't know the right steps. Washing your hair well does not dry out your hair, but also helps to form and maintain your curls. Start by brushing out your curls using a wide-toothed comb or a special brush designed to detangle tight curls and coils. Wet your hair well before applying the shampoo, as this helps to reduce residue build-up and prevent dryness. It is also important to use suitable products.

curly hair care maintenance

Use suitable products

Opt for hair care adapted to your hair type because these will be able to respond correctly to the needs of curly hair.

Your curly hair is often dry because the scales of your hair cannot seal in the moisture, which evaporates quickly. Opt for moisturizing and nourishing products. Look to ingredients like shea butter in shea butter skincare products . If your curly hair is also damaged, choose keratin hair care. These hair care products repair keratin damaged by external aggressions. These aggressions tend to produce more damage on curly hair since the scales of this type of hair are open and do not provide sufficient protection to the hair fiber.

  • Be sure to always use products suitable for your curly hair to better meet the needs of this type of hair. They will provide the hydration and nutrients necessary for optimal hair growth.

Towel dry for curly hair

One such tool is the microfiber towel, which is especially useful for drying curly hair. This type of towel is very soft and light, which prevents frizz, breakage and split ends when you dry your hair. Unlike terry cloth towels, microfiber towels are designed not to cause friction on wet hair, which means they won't disturb the natural pattern of your curls or create additional tangles. Also, they are lightweight and dry quickly so drying curly hair doesn't take too long.

Space out the shampoos

It may seem counter-intuitive, but to keep your curls looking healthier and tighter, it's actually best to space out your shampoos. Washing your curly hair too often can strip it of its protective oils, which can leave it frizzy, dry, and unruly. By avoiding weekly shampoos, you allow your scalp to continue producing its natural oils which then hydrate your curls and create an optimal environment for them to grow.

  • Between two shampoos, use a dry shampoo or only a conditioner to keep your hair clean while spacing out the shampoos. A shampoo every three days should be sufficient.

How to properly detangle this type of hair?

The first step is to choose a gentle, moisturizing detangler designed for curly hair. Then, instead of brushing or combing it, try combing your wet hair with your fingers. This will help undo any small knots while minimizing breakage while the curls are in their most fragile state. Then, use a painless detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb. To reduce frizz and strengthen the hair shaft, use a rich leave-in conditioner before styling your hair with an oil or cream to further reduce breakage and achieve shiny, healthy-looking hair.

If you find yourself stuck in a particularly tight knot of curls, spray them with water and coconut oil before gently untangling them - it's much better than pulling your hair too hard!

  • Start by detangling your hair with your fingers and then with a brush or a wide-toothed comb. Never brush your hair when it is dry so as not to break your curls and damage your hair.

curly hair care maintenance

How to style your curly hair?

Getting beautiful curls naturally can sometimes be difficult. So here are some tips to help form beautiful curls easily and without heat!

Styling your hair when it's damp: Apply a styling product for curly hair when your hair is clean and still damp. Remove excess water by patting your roots with a microfiber towel for curly hair before applying your product. You can opt for Aloe vera gel, this natural gel from the plant helps to fix your curls longer. Next, style your hair with a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb. Finally, shape your curls by wrapping your hair strands around your fingers and then working up towards the roots.

Use rollers: You can also use rollers. Depending on the size of the roller chosen, you will obtain more or less large and bouncy curls. Wrap strands of still damp hair around foam rollers and secure with flat hair clips. Air-dry your hair before removing the rollers one by one and discovering your magnificent curls.

Use hair clips: In the same way as for the rollers, form curls with your fingers and secure them using hair clips at your roots. In order to form the curls more easily, use styling products such as mousses or gels.

Make braids: To get curls naturally, style your hair in more or less big and more or less tight braids before going to bed. When you wake up, just undo your braids to see your curls appear.

How to keep your curls between two shampoos?

Your curls are often well formed when you have just washed your hair. But the next day, they no longer have a nice shape and are flattened. There are several ways to maintain beautiful curls between two shampoos:

  • Use a dry shampoo.
  • Opt for a silk pillowcase. The smooth surface of the hair silk pillowcase helps reduce friction while you sleep, so there's less tugging on delicate strands and no undoing of your curls.
  • Apply vegetable oil to ends: Vegetable oils contain fatty acids that help prevent breakage and split ends, which can be a common problem for those with curly hair. Oil can also seal in vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins that hydrate and protect your curls from environmental damage. Plus, by using carrier oil on the ends of your hair, you can reduce frizz and add definition to your curls.
  • Use a water spray to refresh your curls and give them a nice shape again.
  • Apply some Aloe vera gel to moisturize them and maintain their curly shape longer.
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