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How to use keratin for men's hair?


Keratin is one of the most popular treatments for men's hair, delivering noticeably healthier and more beautiful locks. It can be a great way to repair damaged hair, smooth the hair fiber and protect your hair from damage. But what exactly is keratin? And how do you properly use keratin hair care on your hair?

In this blog post, we're going to explore everything you need to know about keratin. Read on to find out everything there is to know about using keratin treatment on men's hair!

What is keratin?

Keratin is the protein that forms and coats each strand of hair. This protein helps protect the hair against external aggressions such as heat, UV rays and humidity, while providing our follicles with a resilient structure capable of withstanding daily styling.

Keratin hair treatments are often used to help repair damaged hair by restoring the natural keratin proteins in the strands. These treatments can be performed at home or in a salon, depending on their intensity. These treatments can be used to combat frizz, split ends, and even breakage from continuous styling with heat tools.

With regular use, these treatments can greatly improve the appearance and health of our hair by improving its shine, softness and manageability, while reducing frizz.

  • Keratin is the protein that makes up the hair fiber, when it is damaged, it does not regenerate naturally. This is why doing a keratin treatment helps to repair and smooth the hair.

What effect does keratin have on men's hair?

For men, products containing keratin can help strengthen hair and reduce breakage. Keratin products can help repair damage caused by environmental factors such as sun, wind, and hair care chemicals. They can also help smooth hair, reduce frizz and improve hair elasticity.

keratin hair care

Repair damaged keratin

A keratin treatment is designed to repair the damage caused by external factors by providing an extra layer of protection to the hair fiber, which strengthens the hair and prevents it from becoming even more damaged. The keratin treatment strengthens your hair with keratin to replenish the hair fiber.

Smooth hair and reduce frizz

The keratin treatment for men smoothes the first layer of the hair. The hair fiber is then sheathed and smooth . This treatment therefore makes it possible to obtain smoother hair and reduce the number of frizz, but also to reduce the knots which make styling difficult.

Protect the hair

The hair fiber whose keratin is damaged lacks protection and is therefore more sensitive to external aggressions. Thus, the damaged hair risks being damaged even more. Thus, a hair care with keratin provides superior protection to the hair fiber to consolidate and strengthen the structure of the hair. Your hair is then protected from external factors.

How to apply keratin for men?

Keratin can be applied in different ways on male hair. We first think of Brazilian straightening, this technique which enriches the hair fiber with keratin thanks to heat. There are shampoos, conditioners and keratin masks to add strength, volume and shine to your hair, while helping you maintain the appearance of healthy hair without overloading your follicles with heavy products. These hair treatments can repair your damaged hair and fill the lack of keratin easily. In fact, all you have to do is wash your hair with keratin shampoo then leave a repairing mask on for a few minutes to immediately see the effects of these products on your hair.

  • To easily apply keratin to your hair, consider keratin shampoos and masks.

keratin hair care

What is Brazilian straightening for men?

Brazilian straightening for men is a hair treatment that aims to repair the hair , reduce frizz and make the hair soft and silky. It often requires several steps, such as a specialized shampoo and conditioner, a deep conditioning treatment, and a straightening iron.

What is a Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian straightening consists of introducing keratin inside the scales of the hair. The Brazilian smoothing technique allows you to straighten the hair , even the most curly hair and facilitates styling. It allows you to keep your hair smooth for several weeks in a natural way.

This smoothing technique therefore makes it possible to repair damaged hair , to strengthen the hair fiber and to inject keratin into the hair that is lacking it.

This technique provides additional protection to the hair and moisturizes dry hair.

How to do a Brazilian smoothing for men?

Whether for men or women, the technique remains the same. The time and amount of treatment depends on the length and texture of your hair.

To start the Brazilian smoothing , we first wash the hair with a shampoo specially designed to open the scales of the hair. The keratin will thus be able to better penetrate the hair fiber. The keratin treatment is then applied strand by strand to the entire hair.

The hair care must then penetrate into the hair fiber. To do this, leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then, the hair is dried with a hair dryer and the hair is smoothed with a straightening iron. The heat sets the keratin and closes the scales of the hair.

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