Les bienfaits de l'Argile Blanche !

The benefits of White Clay!

It's no longer a secret: clay is a great ingredient for the skin but also for the hair ! In the form of a mask or shampoo, discover all the benefits that White Clay provides to your hair !

Clay is first and foremost a rocky material that can capture solar and air energy . Together, these energies have a regenerative function for the skin but also for the hair. In cosmetic hair care, clay purifies, cleanses, regulates and absorbs . It is therefore a great ingredient for deep cleansing the scalp .

Several types of clay exist: white, red, green or yellow, and their properties can of course vary. Today, let's take a closer look at White Clay!

Oily hair tends to get dirty quickly (even more so if exposed to pollution): the use of shampoo will therefore be very frequent. The best solution in this case is found in white clay.

Indeed, white clay is one of those miracle ingredients that adapts very well to oily hair, on which it is used for its purifying properties, allowing the scalp to be deeply cleansed. Applied as a mask on the scalp, it absorbs excess sebum, without drying out your locks. Also included in shampoos for regular use, it also has the merit of making hair supple and shiny.

It is therefore an ingredient to adopt definitively, if you want your greasy hair to be nothing more than a bad memory.

By dint of undergoing external aggressions, your hair loses its shine. Your hair becomes dull, devitalized and in poor condition. This is where White Clay comes in. It can work wonders to make your hair more supple and hydrated while ridding it of impurities, including the scalp.

The result: a feeling of cleanliness, without having rough, brittle or dull hair. Of course, the white clay mask does not replace hair washing, but can be used to complement it and regulate the amount of sebum on your scalp.

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