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Why use a microfiber hair towel?


Drying your hair is an important and essential step in your hair routine. There are many ways to wring out your hair, but not all are created equal. More respectful than a classic towel and suitable for all hair types, discover the microfiber towel .

What is a microfiber towel?

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made up of extremely fine fibers that are woven together so tightly that they pick up and hold water much faster. It is said that the fibers of the textile are 100 times finer than a human hair. Thus, although finer than cotton ones, these towels absorb a greater quantity of liquid. Indeed, the fibers trap water in the fabric, instead of absorbing it thanks to its particular weaving. As a result, you cut your drying time in half. In addition, this weaving gives it a soft, smooth texture and therefore pleasant to the touch, even after several washes.

The main differences with a classic towel:

  • The microfiber fabric is thinner and remains soft to the touch even after many washes. On the contrary, the classic cotton or linen towel usually becomes rough after a while.
  • The microfiber towel absorbs water faster than a conventional towel, which cuts the drying time in half .
  • Respectful of the scalp, the microfiber towel protects the hair from friction.
  • Smaller and lighter, the microfiber towel can be taken everywhere with you, unlike a classic, thick and bulky towel.


What are the benefits of an ultra absorbent towel?

Dry your hair without damaging it

By wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel, you say goodbye to friction and reduce the risk of falling. This therefore promotes healthy and long-lasting hair growth.

Even if you don't use the rubbing technique as your drying routine, suddenly wringing your hair out in a large, conventional bath towel can have just as many negative consequences.

Similarly, regular use of heat damages the hair fiber and can cause brittle hair or dry, split ends.

This type of towel allows a much gentler drying in order to preserve your curls or to be delicate with your brittle or damaged hair. Indeed, the smooth and delicate surface of the microfiber towel does not cause breakage or frizz and reduces the phenomena of static electricity or flyaways.

Thus, a microfiber towel, respectful of your hair, avoids the risk of ruining your hair.

Reduce itching

Rigorous rubbing with a regular towel can lead to daily microaggressions for your scalp and increase natural oil secretion. This leads to irritation and therefore inevitably itching. On the contrary, microfiber towels are much gentler on the hair and scalp than regular towels, making them an ideal option for people with sensitive skin.

Improve the action of care

The microfiber towel therefore allows you not to damage your hair during drying, but also to protect it. Indeed, this towel contributes to improving the action of the care applied since it facilitates their penetration during the drying time. Thus, you seal the hydration of your hair , necessary for their good health.

Save time

When used to dry hair, microfiber towels can absorb much more water than traditional cotton towels, helping to reduce drying time. Wringing your hair well means you spend less time under the hair dryer afterwards and can focus on more important things.

Take it everywhere

They are also lighter and more compact, making them easy to take with you. Whether at home, at the gym, at the pool or on a trip, this towel will accompany you everywhere. Therefore, they are a great option for anyone looking to speed up their hair-drying routine or carry it around in their bag.

Young woman carrying a bath towel in her hair

The microfiber towel: for which type of hair?

It's simple ! The microfiber towel is suitable for all hair types . Indeed, drying your curly or frizzy hair with this towel will allow you to keep beautiful curls all day long and to suck up the water in depth.

Those who have fine, brittle or damaged hair, in particular by coloring, will obtain a much softer drying process allowing them to protect their hair and accompanied by a treatment, to treat them.

Finally, this technique allows the water to be sucked up deeply and is therefore ideal for drying thick hair quickly.

How to use it well?

The microfiber hair towel comes in either a triangle shape or a beanie shape and has a small button on the back to better fit on your head comfortably . No need to put it back in place a dozen times or break your neck under its weight after the shower.

After washing and rinsing your hair, it's time to move on to drying. First apply your keratin treatment or your usual oil. Then, just wrap your hair gently with the towel and dab calmly to absorb excess water. Adopt gentle gestures so as not to risk damaging your hair. If you have a little time, leave the towel on your head for a few minutes and then finish by drying in the open air.

How to wash this towel?

Regarding maintenance, it is not necessarily necessary to wash the towel after each shower. Between each use, it is enough to extend it correctly then to let it dry in the open air. Then, it is possible to wash it by hand or in the machine at 40°. The microfiber will retain its ultra - absorbent quality and its softness even after many washes.

Whether you're looking for a more efficient way to dry your hair, protect your hair, or just want a towel that's easier to pack, the microfiber towel is a great option.

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