Take care of your hair in autumn!

As with the leaves that gradually fall from the trees in autumn, hair also tends to fall out in this season. Rest assured however, it is a natural and ephemeral phenomenon that should not worry you!

Here are all our tips for taking care of your hair in autumn and limiting the damage of hair loss!

Summer accelerates hair growth and promotes its production . Once this summer period is over, the hair cycle ends and it ends up falling out .

This phenomenon is completely normal and temporary : it only lasts between 4 to 6 weeks .

(However, if you ever notice an extension of your hair loss beyond 6 weeks, we strongly advise you to consult a dermatologist.)

In the fall, the weather gets cooler and can dry out hair , making it dry and dull . To maintain their shine and suppleness , we advise you to use fortifying and nutritious shampoos and treatments .

Complete your shampoo with a nourishing hair mask , which will be applied 2 to 3 times a week as needed . This will restructure the hair in depth and restore its strength and vigor .

During your showers, take advantage of each shampoo to massage your scalp ! A few minutes are enough to activate the blood circulation necessary for your hair, thus improving its vigor and encouraging the vigorous regrowth of lost hair .

Once the shower is over, the hair dryer stage is very difficult to neglect (in this weather, it is not recommended to take out wet hair, at the risk of catching a cold!). Our advice is therefore as follows: first apply a heat-protecting product to your hair and dry it in cold or lukewarm air , holding the device 20 cm from your hair .

It's scientifically proven: stress and hair loss are linked. Autumn already causes hair loss, it is better not to aggravate this phenomenon with stress!

Relax by getting enough sleep; by practicing a physical activity allowing you to let off steam and better manage your stress; visiting your families or going out with your friends; etc

For healthy hair, a varied, healthy and balanced diet is an obligation to enable your hair to resist seasonal hair loss. To do this, favor foods rich in protein (fish, meat, eggs, soy, etc.), iron (blood pudding, liver, lentils, etc.), zinc (seafood, nuts and hazelnuts, etc.) and vitamins (fresh fruits and vegetables).

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