Which vegetable oil should I use for my hair?

Hair oils have become an essential part of our hair routines. In mask, bath, conditioner or finish in serum on dry hair, we find a multitude with properties that meet each of our needs.

Today, we explain their benefits!

Why use vegetable oils?

The oils sublimate the hair. They deeply nourish the hair fiber and make the hair shiny, soft and stronger. 100% natural, they retain all their virtues and vitamins.

What oils should I use for my hair?

  • avocado oil for damaged hair

Avocado vegetable oil is perfect for intensely nourishing damaged or brittle hair. After coloring or exposure to the sun, it brings suppleness and strength to the hair by revitalizing it. Rich and thick, it is used on ends and lengths, as a mask or in an oil bath, leaving it on for a few hours.

  • Jojoba oil for oily hair

Jojoba oil is ideal for oily hair. Known for its “sebum-regulating” virtues, it thus helps to find a healthy and purified scalp. It is applied by massaging and left on for a few hours before rinsing.

  • Castor oil to stimulate hair growth

Castor oil is very nourishing and especially famous for promoting hair growth. It is applied in massage on the scalp, 2 to 3 times a week. As it is a greasy oil, it is necessary to plan to wash your hair after having left it on for a few hours or overnight.

  • Coconut oil for dry and curly hair

Its reputation is second to none, coconut oil can be used both in cooking and on the hair. It nourishes the hair in depth and is ideal for curly, curly or frizzy hair. We just apply it on the lengths on wet hair, or on dry hair to redefine its curls in the morning.

  • Sweet almond and camellia oils for irritated scalp

For irritated scalps, with redness or dandruff, opt for sweet almond oil or camellia oil. These oils with soothing properties will calm irritations.

  • Argan oil for dull and colored hair

To keep your hair colored or revive the shine of our natural hair, there is no better than argan oil. A few drops are enough to nourish the hair and protect it, for shiny hair and radiant color.

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