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What types of hair towel?


When it comes to taking care of our hair and styling it, we all have a different routine. But one essential part of any beauty regimen is often overlooked: the towel! We don't necessarily think towels are important for hair care, yet choosing the ideal fabric and texture can be crucial.
In this blog post, we will see why investing in quality towels can make all the difference in the care of your hair, and how to choose your hair towel. You will also discover why you should opt for a microfiber hair towel .

How to choose the right hair towel?

The choice of your hair towel is essential to keep your hair healthy and healthy. To choose your towel, a number of criteria are taken into account. In particular, the type of hair, the length of your hair and the material desired for the towel.

hair type

It's important to choose the right type of towel for your hair to avoid damaging it and to ensure it dries quickly. For curly or frizzy hair, a microfiber towel is a good choice because it reduces frizz and helps hold curls in place. Fine or delicate hair is best served with bamboo or microfiber towels, because they are softer and less likely to disturb delicate strands. People with thick or long hair should opt for larger cotton or microfiber towels, which provide ample coverage without too much friction. Finally, people with colored hair need a soft towel that won't fade the color. Thus, the microfiber hair towel is suitable for all hair types.

Height and weight

It seems logical, but the size and weight of a towel are also factors to consider when choosing your hair towel. Indeed, if you have long hair, a towel large enough to wrap all of your hair is necessary. On the contrary, a smaller towel may be sufficient for short hair.

Likewise, a towel that's too heavy, especially with the added weight of the water, can weigh heavily on your head and cause sore muscles around your neck during drying time.


Some towels are more absorbent than others and will tend to dry hair faster. When looking for a towel that offers a quick drying time, focus on the absorbency of the material: materials like microfiber have higher absorbency, allowing them to quickly absorb moisture from your hair and dry it more efficiently.

woman hair microfiber towel

Which towel for drying your hair?

So to avoid causing damage to your hair, we advise you to opt for a microfiber hair towel . Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made up of incredibly fine fibers woven together, allowing it to capture and hold more water than even cotton towels.

These fibers are 100 times thinner than a human hair and have a unique weave that traps water in the fabric instead of absorbing it. Thanks to this ingenious structure, fabrics made from microfibers cut drying time in half, while remaining soft and fluffy on the skin. This makes it an ideal material to use for hair towels.

The benefits of the microfiber towel are numerous:

  • Cut Drying Time in Half : They're incredibly good at retaining moisture, dramatically reducing drying time. This saves you time.
  • Reduce frizz : Thanks to its softness and its great absorption power, the towel allows you to dry the thickest hair, preserve the curls and reduce frizz and breakage.
  • Reduce Damage : These towels are less abrasive than cotton towels and reduce the risk of hair damage. In addition, its use does not involve friction or vigorous rubbing, which helps preserve the hair fiber.
  • Better comfort : Microfiber towels are soft on the skin and light, which makes them comfortable to wear on the head.
  • Compact and light : With its low thickness, the towel is compact and light. This allows you to take it with you anywhere, making it the ideal towel when you go to sports, travel or the beach.
  • Quick drying : It dries quickly. Indeed, it is enough to extend it suitably and to let it dry in the open air. It won't retain moisture and therefore won't smell bad in the long run.
  • Durable over time : this type of towel has a high resistance to wear. Thus, a simple regular maintenance allows your towel to last for many years without losing its absorption capacity or softness.

How to properly dry your hair with a towel?

After shampooing, your hair fibers are full of water and therefore much more fragile and vulnerable. Removing excess water is an important step in protecting the integrity of your hair. To do this, simply gather damp hair in your hands and gently wring it out, but avoid twisting it all over the place, as this could damage it.

You can then finish drying your hair by using a microfiber towel to dry it from root to tip, but be careful not to rub it, which can cause frizz and other damage. Dab your roots with the microfiber towel to absorb excess water.

Once it's no longer damp, wrap your hair loosely in a towel for several minutes to absorb the remaining moisture. Taking the time to do this can make all the difference in protecting beautiful, healthy hair!

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