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What is the best shampoo for colored hair?


Looking for the best shampoo to give your colored hair the attention it deserves? If so, you've come to the right place. With a vast array of products on offer, finding the perfect product can be overwhelming.

In this blog post, we'll discuss what to look out for when shopping and give you our top pick when it comes to shampoos made specifically for color-treated hair. So if you want to know more about keeping your color vibrant longer, read on!

Why use a shampoo for colored hair?

Colored hair has been weakened by discoloration, coloring due to the chemicals used. They therefore tend to be brittle, thin and sometimes have this “straw” appearance. It is therefore important to take care of your hair with hair products specially designed for your colored hair. Opt for shampoos for colored hair. Not only do these shampoos help you keep your color intact between salon visits, they also nourish your hair so it's softer and less brittle.

Specialized shampoos for colored hair make a positive difference, and this, for several grapes:

  • They help lock in shades and maintain the vibrancy of your color
  • They moisturize your hair and nourish it deeply
  • These shampoos minimize the coppery effect obtained with coloring
  • They provide protection against external damage.

With specialty products made specifically for dyed or colored locks, you can be sure your hair will stay looking great for longer.

  • The shampoo for colored hair helps keep your color radiant, builds a protective barrier around the hair fiber and deeply hydrates and nourishes your damaged hair.

colored hair care

How to choose a shampoo for colored hair?

When choosing the best shampoo for colored hair, it's important to consider your hair type and texture. The goal is to use a product that does not strip the color, while providing cleaning power. To do this, look for shampoos that have a sulfate-free formula that's pH balanced and don't contain harsh chemicals or dyes. These products will gently cleanse your hair without weakening it further.

To strengthen your dry and damaged hair by coloring, choose moisturizing and nourishing shampoos, such as an Aloe vera shampoo for example. This type of cleanser nourishes your hair fiber in depth in order to find hydrated, supple and shiny hair.

Thanks to Aloe vera and organic shea butter, this Aloe vera shampoo gently cleanses your hair while moisturizing the hair fiber of your hair. Your hair is then rehydrated and strengthened and your color is radiant. It is ideal for maintaining and sustainably prolonging the hold of your hair color.

  • Bet on a shampoo without sulfates and chemicals and enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe vera.

To choose a shampoo for colored hair, you must also take into account the color range. Indeed, some shampoos are specially designed to be used with a certain range of hair colors. These shampoos often contain pigments that help strengthen and maintain your hair color. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair color for best results.

What shampoo for colored blond hair?

Violet shampoo is here to save you from the fight against yellowish and brassy hair. This hair care is a hair care product specially formulated to preserve the beauty of blond hair . Its purple dye fights the orange and yellow pigments in your hair, neutralizing those troublesome tones that make your color look dull and lackluster.

This product is also easy to use: just apply a good amount to wet hair, work it into a lather, leave it on for several minutes, then rinse it out with cool water. Purple shampoo should be used sparingly on undyed hair, as too much can make it look more purple than blonde. However, when used correctly, the sulfate-free formula allows blonde hair to retain its rich, vibrant appearance for longer.

  • If you have blonde colored hair, opt for a violet or purple shampoo to get rid of unsightly yellow highlights.

colored hair care

How to keep a beautiful hair color?

In addition to using a shampoo for colored hair , other tips will help you maintain a vibrant color in the long term.

Use a deep hair treatment once a week.

Bet on a moisturizing and nourishing mask to hydrate your hair. This type of product helps your hair stay healthy, stop breaking and maintain beautiful color over the long term.

Avoid using high heat styling tools.

Heat can cause your hair color to fade and become brittle. If you must use a curling iron or straightener, be sure to use a heat protectant.

Protect your hair from the sun.

The sun can bleach and damage your hair. If you have blonde hair, you may see yellow or orange highlights appear. So be sure to wear a hat or use sunscreen spray when out in the sun.

Use lukewarm water when shampooing and rinsing.

Hot water can be abrasive and may cause your hair color to fade. Similarly, spacing out shampoos since washing your hair too often can damage your hair and your color.

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