Stop itchy scalp!

An itchy scalp is an unbalanced scalp that has become too dry following various external or internal aggressions.

Thus, the changes of season, pollution, the use of unsuitable and too frequently used care and the use of too hot a hair dryer which can burn the scalp (and the hair fiber), are part of the external aggressions. In internal causes, stress, fatigue, poor diet or a change in the hormonal cycle can affect the nature of the skin and scalp and cause hyper-sensitivity.

Discover 5 good actions to limit the itching of your scalp.

Shampoos suitable for dry scalp

To soothe itchy scalp, the first thing to do is to get rid of harsh shampoos from your bathroom. All shampoos with sulphate, silicone and parabens risk damaging and drying out your scalp even further.

Try to space out shampoos as much as possible to let your scalp breathe. When you apply your shampoo, be careful not to rub the scalp too much and favor a light massage, with your fingertips.

Itchy scalp: a gentle beauty routine

After washing your hair, be careful when drying it. Rubbing heavily with the towel could irritate your already damaged scalp, gently blot your hair without rubbing. The use of a hair dryer is to be banned so as not to dry out the scalp, at least the time to rehydrate your scalp. To style your hair, avoid tying your hair up as much as possible so as not to pull too much on the scalp.

Similarly, regularly wearing a hat or beanie can contribute to suffocating the scalp and causing itching. Finally, even if an itchy scalp can be very unpleasant, above all do not scratch yourself and avoid constantly fiddling with your hair: it would make the situation worse. The watchword is to let your scalp breathe and let it rest.

Treatments to heal your dry scalp

To treat an itchy scalp, there are specific care ranges. In parapharmacies, you can find lotions and serums to be applied to the scalp every day, by means of small massages to be carried out with your fingertips. This will hydrate the scalp and soothe it quickly.

In addition, an unhealthy scalp can lead to hair loss, or poor growth with thin, brittle hair. Better to react quickly and not let the situation escalate.

In cases of severe itching or many crusts in the scalp, it is better to consult a dermatologist who can make a diagnosis and direct you to appropriate care. It can indeed be psoriasis, severe inflammation or infection, and in order not to make the situation worse, it is better to call a professional.

Don't scratch! 

Curb your urges to scratch your skull. The more you scratch, the more the inflammation will increase.

The scrub, a new anti-dandruff weapon 

Inspired by skin care, we are now focusing on scalp scrubs. Applied directly to the dry scalp, they are massaged for a few minutes to eliminate the accumulated dead cells. Detoxified, the scalp regains balance. An interesting option compared to the classic anti-dandruff shampoo, with undeniable antifungal effectiveness but with surfactants that are a little too strong.

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