Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Trends

7 haircuts to achieve this Fall-Winter 2021 period in order to follow the trend and be stylish to the tips of your hair;) 

The “shag”/degraded cut

The “shag” style continues to wreak havoc. Whether we prefer it on long hair, Collar bone, or even Wolf cut (with mullet cut tunes), it always follows the same line of conduct: degrade the lengths on several levels, sometimes in an extreme way, to bring movement to hairs. A wild and tender hair style to adopt without doubt.


The bangs which can sometimes seem old-fashioned are extremely in vogue this year. It can be rather draped, tapered, curly or unstructured… Regardless of its style, this fall-winter 2021-2022, fringes are back.

The curly ball cut

The short ball haircut has been very trendy for several seasons already, however, with a subtlety. Indeed, this fall, she fraternizes especially with curly and frizzy hair. A hair look with blurred contours and airy volume for a light result.

Very long hair

XXL lengths are also in vogue. We see them either perfectly smooth without protruding hair or with a more natural look with movement. 

red hair

If copper tones are trendy, the most daring will dare red hair! A flamboyant color that suits all skin tones, provided you choose the right tones with the advice of a hairdresser. 

The chignon bun 

The chignon bun can be seen everywhere! Whether twisted, fuzzy, messy or braided! This high bun suits all face shapes and even fine hair. To achieve it, we can use a hair accessory, called the “donut”, which we wrap around our hair so that the bun takes shape.

mermaid hair

The mermaid hair or “the mermaid hair” is seen everywhere in this period. Gone are the soft and well-designed Hollywood waves, fashion is for very wavy locks, almost notched. To achieve the " mermaid hair ", you must have a three-headed waving iron or make fine and tight braids.

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