Qu’est-ce que le Benzyl Salicylate ?

What is Benzyl Salicylate?


What is Benzyl Salicylate?

Benzyl salicylate or benzyl salicylate is a chemical found in products like nail polish and other personal care items, as well as fragrances and perfumes. The compound works to help lock in the smell and make it last longer. Benzyl salicylate has been associated with its hypoallergenic properties and is often added to cosmetics, helping to make them less irritating to people with sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of Benzyl Salicylate?

By promoting healthy growth and nourishing the scalp, Benzyl Salicylate helps prevent follicles from becoming clogged and hair from becoming brittle. It is also ideal for people suffering from dry, flaky or itchy scalp due to environmental factors such as sun exposure or harsh weather conditions.

An added benefit of benzyl salicylate is its antifungal properties, which help protect the scalp against fungus like dandruff, and its antiviral properties which can help minimize outbreaks of scalp acne.

Benzyl Salicylate, for which hair use?

Benzyl salicylate is a common ingredient found in many shampoos and conditioners. It functions as a softening agent for the hair, but also as an anti-inflammatory, anti-dandruff and protective of environmental factors.

What are the precautions for using Benzyl Salicylate?

Benzyl salicylate is considered safe when used in small amounts on the skin, but high concentrations of this compound have been identified as potential irritants, so use with caution.

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