Qu’est ce que le Cetearyl Alcohol ?

What is Cetearyl Alcohol?



Cetearyl alcohol is a type of fatty alcohol commonly used as an emulsifier or thickening agent in beauty products. Although derived from natural sources like coconut oil, cetearyl alcohol is chemically processed to give it a waxy consistency. This ingredient is often used in hair products to give them a creamy texture and help distribute other ingredients evenly without weighing hair down or making it greasy.

What are its benefits ?

Cetearyl alcohol is an emollient and non-drying alcohol, which is why this ingredient is particularly suitable for oily skin and hair, which it nourishes without drying out or leaving a greasy or shiny effect.

This alcohol allows hair care products to spread easily and makes their application pleasant. It promotes the formation of mixtures between two immiscible liquids and improves the stability and shelf life of the emulsion. In addition, it opacifies cosmetics and contributes to the uniform distribution of the product during its application.

For what cosmetic use?

Cetearyl alcohol is often used for masks, hair dyes and conditioners. As an emollient, it softens and softens skin and hair and locks in moisture. It nourishes the hair without making it greasy or weighing it down and helps to give the hair a smoother look. It is therefore often used in products for dry hair. Hair care products that contain cetearyl alcohol can help moisturize the hair and scalp and make it easier to comb.

What are its precautions for use?

Although cetearyl alcohol is generally considered safe, some people may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions to contact with it.

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