Qu’est-ce que l’hydroxycitronellal ?

What is hydroxycitronellal?


What is hydroxycitronellal?

Hydroxycitronellal, also known as HC, is a perfume ingredient commonly found in cosmetics. It is an organic compound derived from a variety of essential oils , including petitgrain, citronella, and citronella. It is mainly used to flavor beauty products such as perfumes and shower gels. It can also act as a natural preservative when used in moisturizers and cleansers, as it has antibacterial properties that help reduce the growth of bacteria on the skin.

It is also credited with calming properties that help relieve stress and promote relaxation when used in aromatherapy methods.

What are the benefits of hydroxycitronellal?

Hydroxycitronellal is an organic compound found in many natural substances, including plants and fruits, and it has been shown to be helpful for healthy hair. It is often used as a fragrance in personal care products like lotions and shampoos . Hydroxycitronellal has the ability to penetrate the hair strand and add moisture to it, improving texture and reducing frizz. It can also help smooth split ends, improve elasticity, reduce flyaways and provide an extra layer of protection against heat damage. It can even make hair naturally shinier by preventing moisture from evaporating from the strand.

Hydroxycitronellal, for what hair use?

It is found in hair conditioners and hair dyes to give hair a soft, smooth texture, as well as to boost its fragrance . Hair gel and styling mousses contain hydroxycitronellal to give hair a shiny finish and long-lasting hold.

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