Qu’est ce que le Propylène Glycol ?

What is propylene glycol ?



Of vegetable or synthetic origin, Propylene Glycol is a clear, colorless and viscous liquid. As a humectant and skin conditioner, propylene glycol maintains moisture in the outer layer of the skin and in the hair fiber and promotes a healthy epidermis. This ingredient also makes it possible to increase or reduce the viscosity of a formula that is too or not very liquid and to reduce the growth of bacteria in the products. Finally, as a solvent, its role is to dilute a formula that is too strong.

What are its benefits ?

Propylene glycol allows the skin and hair to absorb and retain moisture and therefore maintains a good level of general hydration. It also nourishes the hair to protect it against dryness, softens the hair fiber and facilitates styling. In addition, it promotes the penetration of the other ingredients of the product.

For what cosmetic use?

Propylene glycol is used in the formulation of hair masks in order to seal the hydration of the hair to repair it in depth and bring it shine and softness.

What are its precautions for use?

Stable and non-toxic, propylene glycol is non-irritating even after prolonged skin contact. On the other hand, at high concentrations, it can be the cause of irritation for the eyes but without danger of blindness. In general, avoid applying it around your eyes and use it only as directed.

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